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#2 AncestryDNA


AncestryDNA is one of the services offered by, a site that many people have used for genealogical purposes for several years. Thanks to their years as a useful genealogical website, amassed millions of customers before they even offered a DNA testing service. Customer reviews found online are often mixed, but generally positive.

Background of the Company:

Ancestry Publishing was founded in 1983 and eventually grew into a genealogy service, allowing customers to sort through historical records to fill out family trees. AncestryDNA wasn't launched as a service until 2012.1

Their Services:

AncestryDNA is offered for $99 and includes a breakdown of your ancestry with above average detail and accuracy. The real strength of AncestryDNA is in their large database of customers, as this increases the likelihood of being matched with long-lost relatives.

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