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Genomics investing 101
When a scientist thinks about genomics, some of the first things that come to her mind may be genome sequencing, CRISPR, even direct-to-consumer ancestry DNA tests. But run this same question by a Wall Street analyst and you will find...
-By Gergana Koleva | January 20, 2020
“Woke science” in the genomics era
Dr Keolu Fox stresses that we must see Indigenous groups as research partners, not guinea pigs. Scientists do not have the best reputation for being sensitive to different cultures and recognising injustice; in the ever-moving era of genomics, how will...
-By Kathryn McLaughlin | November 15, 2019
The healing power of poop
Dog owners have all experienced them. Those cringe-worthy moments when the beloved family pet lick’s another dog’s anus, or tries to eat its poop. As odd as it seems, however, such behavior is hardly restricted to dogs and other canids....
-By Charlie Lunan | October 20, 2019

CAR-T therapy: fighting fire with a flood

- By Kathryn McLaughlin | December 16, 2019
The body’s own immune system has an important role in battling cancer, and it is no surprise that scientists are exploiting that feature to fight tumor cells. This specialized type of oncology is called cancer immunotherapy (or sometimes immuno-oncology) and...

Precision medicine for the masses: CAR-T as a real-time use case

- By Gergana Koleva | December 3, 2019
High expectations, mounting interest by pharma and biotech investors, growing focus on value, and occasionally breathless news reporting. These are some of the artefacts that surround fast-moving developments in the fields of precision medicine, immunotherapy, and cell and gene therapies....

Genetics in the human gastrointestinal tract: what we do know about our gut microbiota

- By Paduano Francesco | September 1, 2019
What are the gut microbiota and gut microbiome? The human gastrointestinal tract (gut) is populated by an enormously heterogeneous and different group of microorganisms (up of trillions of cells and over 1000 species) including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi. Therefore,...

Genomics investing 101

When a scientist thinks about genomics, some of the first things that come to her mind may be genome sequencing,...

Are governments using DNA data ethically?

DNA data has the potential to transform the way we carry out scientific and medical research. However, scientists and bioethicists...

Genomic altruism in the era of Big...

If money were no issue or if you were invited to have your genome sequenced free of charge and donate...

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Genomics investing 101
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