Welcome to Genetics Digest.

Our goal is to provide credible, accurate information about the latest advancements in DNA analysis and genome technology. We have news alerts for scientists and DNA enthusiasts and unbiased product reviews for consumers looking to purchase anything related to the field of genetics, so that scientists and consumers can make educated decisions when studying DNA.

We are a team of writers and scientists who are passionate about all things DNA—from double helixes to chromosomes to mitochondrions, we love it all.

With new trends emerging every day (like DNA ancestry tests) as genetic information becomes more accessible to common consumers, we feel it’s necessary that the complex science involved becomes more accessible to common consumers as well.

We’ve found that many magazines about Genetics are a little TOO sciencey, so that the consumers unfamiliar with the field have no idea what they’re reading. On the other hand, the non-science magazines are written by non-scientists, and they often butcher their information a little bit…

Genetics Digest bridges the gap, where scientists and common consumers can come together to get the same information and understand it. So, while we provide useful information to scientists, we make sure to keep our lingo as readable to the common man as possible without sacrificing any accuracy in the information.


Meet Our Team

Paduano Francesco

Current position: PostDOC at Technologica Research Institute, Crotone, Italy and Student at School of Specialization in Medical Genetics, University “Magna Graecia” of Catanzaro, Campus “S. Venuta”, Catanzaro, Italy.

Education: University of Calabria, Italy, Degree in Biological Sciences, 2003; University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy, Master in Bioinformatic, 2006; University “Magna Graecia” of Catanzaro, Campus “S. Venuta”, Catanzaro, Italy, PhD in Molecular Oncology, Experimental Immunology and Development of Innovative Therapies, 2012.

Scientific interests focus on medical genetics, molecular and cellular oncology and stem cell biology. I’m a coauthor of 35 published papers, 1 patent and 3 book chapters.

Nonscientific interests: Computers and technology, fanta-scientific movies, reading, sports.

Chelsea Weidman

Chelsea Weidman is a biochemist and freelance science writer/editor interested in genetics, gene editing technologies, stem cells, and novel medications. She has written for Massive and Harvard University’s Science in the News.

Her research has focused on a range of topics such as molecular imaging agents, reversible covalent chemistries, and novel antibiotic strategies. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and her Master of Science degree in Chemical Biology.