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Genomics investing 101

When a scientist thinks about genomics, some of the first things that come to her mind may be genome sequencing, CRISPR, even direct-to-consumer ancestry DNA tests. But run this same...Read More

Finding Faces in DNA Traces

In 2017, seven years after a woman was sexually assaulted in broad daylight police in South Florida turned to the forensic DNA phenotyping company Parabon NanoLabs in a last resort...Read More

The Myth Slayers

By now, most of us have read the stories about the upheaval DNA testing can cause by exposing unwanted pregnancies, extramarital affairs and secret adoptions. What is often less appreciated...Read More

The healing power of poop

Dog owners have all experienced them. Those cringe-worthy moments when the beloved family pet lick’s another dog’s anus, or tries to eat its poop. As odd as it seems, however,...Read More

All you need to know about ...

How different are we genetically? No two humans are identical with respect to their DNA sequences. The complete stretch of DNA is present within 23 chromosome pairs in individuals: one...Read More

The Worm Doctors

When it comes to infectious disease, few evoke revulsion like parasites and particularly parasitic worms known as “helminths.”  We’ve all winced after reading about the life cycle of the American...Read More

All you need to know about ...

The UK Biobank project is an open source large scale epidemiological project aimed at prospectively collecting data on large number of phenotypes and genotypes across large number of individuals (1)....Read More

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